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Mont Scaletta (2840m) from Col de Larche/Passo Madalena

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A hike to mount Scaletta (2840m) in summer 2003 between Ubaye Valley, France and Argentera, Italy. Departure: Col de Larche (Col Madalena). Lake Orrenaye, Lacs de Roburent (three lakes). difference in elevation 1100m. Time: 7h.

Click on any photo to enlarge.

1: Donkeys with the Bec du Lièvre (2770m) mountain
2: Two donkeys
3: Three donkeys :-)
4: The view west on the climb through the Orrenaye valley with the Bec du Lièvre (2770m) mountain at the left and the et la Meyna (3067m) mountains in the middle.
5: Lac d'Orrenaye (2411m); photos 5, 6, 7, 8
9: The upper lake of the three Lacs du Ruburent
10: Approaching the summit, there is a tunnel with 1.7m height which was constructed with concrete in World War (I or II?). The climbers still use this passage as shortcut to go from the east to the north-east where the trail is less steep. It is totally dark inside because the tunnel has two bendings.
11: A fort in the middle-right-bottom
12: The view to the nord with the Mont Viso summit
13: The two lower lakes of Ruburent
14: The view east to the Maira valley with the top-station of an old transport lift
16: We follow the ridge south-east to climb down to the two lower lakes of Ruburent
17: Those that can't get up in the morning have to climb back to Col de Ruburent at the end of the day when the sun throws long shadows improving the relief of the mountains.
18: Tête de Moïse (3104m) ridge

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