"... those who tolerate a complete break between their convictions and their lives, and still believe that they have convictions. To them -either their ideals or their lives are worthless- and usually both."
Quote, p206 from Ayn Rand, "The Early Ayn Rand", in the introduction to the essay "Ideal", which she wrote in the early thirties.

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Le Crachet (2919m), depart Col de Vars (2108m)

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"In her journal of this period, Miss Rand also singles out religion as the main cause of men's lack of integrity. ... preaching sacrifice as an ideal, religion, no matter what its intentions, systematically inculcates hypocrisy: it teaches men that achieving values is low ('selfish'), but that giving them up is noble. 'Giving them up,' in practice, means betraying them."
Quote from the editor's notes to the essay "Ideal" in Ayn Rand, "The Early Ayn Rand".

Le Crachet (2919m), depart Col de Vars (2108m)

Alpes de Haute Provence, Haute Ubaye, France. Une sortie avec ski de randonnée debut Avril 2000.


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Photos de la Petite Séolane (2854m) in summer.
Depart aux Besses (1550m) au dessus de Meolans-Revel, par le Col de Séolane (2273m), dénivelée total 1300m, Aout 2000, Ubaye, Alpes de Haute Provence, France.

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