"Happiness is a state of non-contradictory joy ... Happiness is possible only to a rational man, the man who desires nothing but rational goals, seeks nothing but rational values and finds his joy in nothing but rational actions."
Quote from Ayn Rand's in "The Virtue of Selfishness".

Photos from a mountain hike to Pic de Chabrières (2405m) from Lac de St. Apollinaire (1452m)

North of lake Serre Poncon, Southern France, in summer

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"All I want to know is where I'm going to die so I'll never go there."
-- Quote by Yoga Berri

"Le bonheur est un état de plaisir non-contradictoire... Le bonheur est accessible aux seules personnes raisonnables, des personnes qui n'ont que des objectifs raisonnables, qui ne cherchent que des valeurs raisonnables, et qui ne trouvent leur plaisir que dans des actes raisonnables."
In some maps this summit is called Aiguilles (instead of Pic) de Chabriàres. Start of hike at 5:45pm in 16-Aug-2002, arrival at the summit 8:30pm, back at the lake 9:40pm, total duration 4 hours, including the time for taking the photos. (Attention: you might not be able to do this hike in 4 hours; it is generally recommended to start mountain hikes early in the morning! There are some easy climbing sections when approaching the summit.)
Equipment used: hiking boots, shorts, t-shirt, pullover, 0.5l waterbottle, sunglasses, two cameras.
Wheather conditions: warm and no wind. Met only two other hikers.

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Starting point is the lake St. Apollinaire (1452m).
above the forest, view south after to lake Serre-Poncon, Durance valley, arriving on the ridge.
view south-west over lake Serre-Poncon
view north to the village Reallon with Tete de Lucy (2763m) and Pointe de Serre (2909m)
arrival on the pass
Shiva, the sphinx, enjoys the rest under the evening sun
on the summit of Pic (Aiguilles) de Chabrieres at 8:30pm
the last sun rays on the summit, view south
Told her to wait for me 20 meters below the summit, but Shiva arrived on the summit; don't know how she climbed that "chatiere".
The aspherical western ridge against the sun.
The lonely "cairn" on the summit.
100% aspherical sunset.
Lac de St. Apollinaire (1452m) in the morning.


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